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Fragrance Hints & Tips

Our oils are formulated for value, so you'll probably find you can use a small amount and still get a good, strong fragrance. If you're wondering how much fragrance oil to use for a batch of soap, here are our suggestions.

Please note these are guide amounts. You may choose to add more or less depending on your personal tastes. Always consult the IFRA Document for IFRA usage limits. Do not exceed the IFRA usage limits.


For cold process soap, we recommend 30g of fragrance oil for every kilogram of fats/oils in your recipe.

For hot process soap, we recommend 15-20g of fragrance oil for every kilogram of fats/oils in your recipe.

For melt and pour soaps, we recommend 10g of fragrance for every kilogram of melt and pour soap base.

Lotions, Creams & Balms

For lotions, creams, balms, shampoos, bath gels, etc, we recommend between 1-3% by weight.

Some fragrances (mostly floral) will cause cold process soaps to accelerate or 'seize'. If you are having trouble with a fragrance oil, we recommend you try the following:

Make sure you are using enough water. For every kilogram of fats/oils in your recipe, ensure you are using at least 330g of water.

Keep your temperatures at or below 38C (100F) when mixing your caustic soda solution with the fats/oils.

Add the fragrance at the lightest trace and always stir by hand once the fragrance is added. Refrain from using electric whisks or blenders. Stir only enough to incorporate the fragrance and then pour into the mould.

If you are really having difficulty, add the fragrance oil to a few ounces of fats/oils reserved from your recipe. Add this at light trace, stir well enough to incorporate, and quickly pour into the mould.

As a last resort, add the fragrance to your fats/oils before adding the caustic soda solution and proceed as normal. You will still have to work quickly, but you should have enough time to get your soap into the mould. We use this method frequently with known seizers and it works quite well.

Flavour Oils

Flavour oils should be added to lip products at no more than 1%.

If you're having problems getting the flavour oil to incorporate into your recipe, add the flavour oil to your melted lip balm base and allow to solidify. Then remelt the base.

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