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Product Information

It is the customer’s responsibility to check the relevant documentation and determine the suitability for their product and follow the correct handling advice before proceeding with purchase or manufacturing.

Fragrance Oils

Gracefruit Limited sells high quality fragrance oils which are not to be confused with perfumes. These fragrance oils are not suitable for direct skin application.

Do you provide documentation for your fragrances?

Yes, we do. We provide both MSDS and Allergen declarations so as to comply with Amendment 7. All documents are in PDF format and can be downloaded directly from the site. If you are having trouble downloading, please let us know. We can also provide an IFRA statement if needed.

Are your fragrance oils tested for acceleration and discolouration?

Yes. We test every fragrance we sell. When cold process testing, we keep our temperatures low (at or below 100F) and never use a water discount. While we endeavour to give as much information as possible how each fragrance oil behaves in cold process soap, results can vary in different recipes, especially those high in olive pomace or animal fats. Our testing recipe contains equal parts olive pomace, rice bran, coconut, and avocado oils.

Can all of your fragrance oils be used in cosmetics and candles?

Cosmetics, yes. All of our Gracefruit fragrances are EU/IFRA compliant, toiletry grade, and safe for both leave-on and rinse-off products. Most of our fragrances are suitable for use in candles as long as the flashpoint of the fragrance is over 80C. Please bear in mind that we do not test our fragrances in candles and cannot vouch for how well they will perform.

Can your fragrance oils be used directly on the skin?

While all of our fragrance oils are toiletry grade, they can be harmful to skin and eyes in an undiluted from, so please take precautions when handling them. Please be aware that fragrance oils are not perfumes and should not be applied directly to skin. Refer to the MSDS for proper handling, disposal, and safe usage limits.

I don't like this fragrance. Can I return it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns on fragrance oil. To avoid disappointment, we advise you to purchase our 30ml size oils and test them before buying larger sizes. We test all of our oils in cold process soap, and will endeavour to provide you with as much information about each fragrance as possible.

For more information about our fragrance oils, please see our Fragrance Hints & Tips.

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