Attention EU customers: You can buy genuine Gracefruit fragrance oils from our trusted partners in the EU to avoid any delays, fees, or customs headaches. Please see our Trusted Partner Page for further details.

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Why our Customers choose Gracefruit

Find out why Gracefruit is proud to be Europe's market leader for everything the serious soap and cosmetics producer requires.

Why should I choose Gracefruit?

At Gracefruit, we've built our reputation on innovation and quality - but it's care that really sets us apart.That's the care we put into making and sourcing only the finest cosmetic and soap making supplies, the care we put into out market-leading customer service, and the care we put into the way we run our business.

Of course, it's crucial that our customers know they can come to us for all the ingredients they want –from high-tech products to our exclusive range of fragrances. They know Gracefruit will always be ahead of the latest trends and developments, and they know they can always count on the first-class customer service they expect and deserve.

I'm in the EU. Can I buy from you?

Yes, you can! We were saddened by the UK's departure from the EU, but have taken every possible step to ensure our valued EU customers can continue to buy genuine Gracefruit fragrances either directly from us or from one of our trusted partners. If you prefer to have your fragrances shipped from within the EU, please see our Trusted Partners Page for links to sellers in the EU.

How are Gracefruit's fragrance oils different?

Our fragrance oils are specially formulated for soaps and cosmetics, and we rigorously test each one to see how it performs in cold process soap to ensure you receive the best quality with no surprises. 

Can I have my own exclusive fragrance oil?

Yes! Gracefruit offers a unique bespoke fragrance service and our experts are happy to help you design your own exclusive fragrances to set your brand apart. These fragrances will always be exclusive to your brand and we are happy to help you edit them at any time.

Is there anything else I should know?

Looking after our customers is important – but so is caring for our colleagues, our community and the wider world. Gracefruit's commitment to responsible practice and fairness means we'll never use zero hour contracts. Instead, we pay the real living wage to all of our employees, and we work a four-day week, with everyone maintaining the same level of pay. That's good for our staff, and great for the planet as it helps reduce carbon emissions.

We're working hard to reduce our enivornmental footprint in other ways, too, whether that's by ensuring our ingredients are sustainably sourced or using a courier striving to be carbon neutral.

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