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Product of the Week: BTMS!

Product of the Week: BTMS!

10th January, 2018


This week's featured product is pretty popular for good reason: BTMS!

BTMS Conditioning emulsifier. This easy-to-use conditioning emulsifier is perfect for both hair and skin applications. It is superb in hair-care products where detangling and conditioning properties are desired.

Leaving skin with a lovely, silky and powdery feel, BTMS is a must-have for luxury cosmetic formulations. This primary emulsifier doubles as an effective and lasting conditioner, and an excellent cosmetic ingredient for skin care as well as hair care, imparting softness, smoothness and lasting hydration. Working incredibly well in hair care formulations, BTMS leaves the hair with excellent spring and body, making it easier to comb through as a detangler. As this emulsifier is incredibly mild, as it is known for, it is suitable to use in cosmetic formulations that are both rinse-off and leave-on such as leave in conditioners for hair. When used in formulae such as lotions or creams, BTMS can effectively be used as a stand-alone emulsification system, along with its ability to emulsify almost all silicones up to around 50%. Often added at the oil phase of a cosmetic formulation.


- The Gracefruit Team

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