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Product of the Week - Wheatgerm Oil!

Product of the Week - Wheatgerm Oil!

24th March, 2017

This week's featured product is another wonderful treat for the skin; Wheatgerm Oil!

Wheatgerm oils has one of the highest percentages of vitamin E of any carrier oil, offering unbeatable antioxidisation properties to skincare - helping to boost the life of your product as well as helping to combat signs of aging and reducing scarring of the skin.

This oil is also packed with high amounts of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B, lecithin and protein. It is often used in mature skincare for its lovely healing and anti aging benefits, but can also be used to treat any damage the skin may have faced such as sunburn or any irritation. Wheatgerm oil easily and effectively penetrates the skin, leaving it soft, nourished and glowing!

We hope you give our lovely wheatgerm oil a go soon; we recommend it in a nourishing cream, lotion or facial oil!


- The Gracefruit Team

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