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Product of the Week - Himalayan Pink Salts!

Product of the Week - Himalayan Pink Salts!

16th August, 2017

Himalayan Pink Salts

This week's featured product is one of the most beneficial salts we can think of: Himalayan Pink Salts!

Perfect for spa treatments and soaks, Himalayan pink salts is an excellent treatment for tired, dry skin, helping to maintain and balance healthy skin. It is an excellent cosmetic ingredient for soaps or scrubs to help deeply exfoliate the skin, or just a bath salt to help relax at the end of a stressful day.

As a natural detoxifier, salts help to draw unwanted toxins out and away from the skin, so our Himalayan pink salt is an excellent ingredient for a relaxing facial treatment suitable for all skin types. Salt is well known for its therapeutic and relaxing capabilities, often used in high-end spa treatments to combat stress.

We hope you give it a try in a nice, relaxing soak - maybe with a bit of essential oil for added benefit!


- The Gracefruit Team

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