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Product of the Week - Cocoa Butter!

Product of the Week - Cocoa Butter!

31st March, 2017

This week's featured product is another big one; Cocoa Butter!

The cocoa tree, native to South America and commonly found in most tropical climates, produces the perfect ingredient for a deliciously versatile butter. Our cocoa butter contains excellent healing and restoring abilities, with it traditionally being used to soothe dry and damaged skin, though it has also been shown to reduce the formation of stretch marks!

Due to cocoa butter's smooth texture, natural emollient abilities and chocolatey aroma it's easy to understand why this is such a widely used cosmetic ingredient. Our cocoa butter contains the ability to promote skin elasticity, lock in vital moisture and protect the skin from the elements, making it perfect for plenty of leave-on as well as rinse-off cosmetics. Though raw cocoa butter is very hard, when melted and added to cosmetic formulations it creates a smooth, creamy texture whilst completely retaining all of its beneficial properties.

We hope you'd like to give it a go sometime!

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