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Product of the Week - Citric Acid!

Product of the Week - Citric Acid!

6th September, 2017

Citric Acid

A common cosmetic ingredient typically found in products such as bath bombs and skin care formulations, citric acid has an incredibly wide range of uses and benefits.

With a varied array of uses and applications, it's easy to see why citric acid is such a popular cosmetic ingredient. Often used to make bath bombs, our anhydrous citric acid does not contain water, therefore it is suitable to use, create and display in even damp weather.
Citric acid is also commonly used as a chelator, which helps to bind metal ions such as iron, calcium or copper, and keep cosmetic formulations from automatically oxidising which helps to boost the efficiency of any preservatives added to said formulations. As well as this, citric acid can be used to manipulate the pH of a formulation, helping to increase stability whilst still aiding in preservation. It has been known to be used in place of certain alpha hydroxy acids as a less harsh alternative.

Hope you'd like to give it a go soon!


- The Gracefruit Team

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