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Product of the Week: White Clay!

Product of the Week: White Clay!

12th September, 2018

White Clay

Some products want to take the lead and do one or two things with such panache. Everyone knows to go to that for specialist treatments. “Use this if you want brighten your skin so much that they name a new filter on snapchat after you.” “This product will fix all acne and the word ‘acne’ will disappear from our vocabulary by 2045.” But not everyone needs that. (we kid, we still want that skin brightening product.) Sometimes one wants a mild humble product that tends to a few different needs and does it well. White Clay is the most gentle of all clays available. (and there are some fantastic ones in a variety of colours.) It works well for those with the most sensitive of skin. It exfoliates in a non-irritating way. (It isn’t here to go after skin like someone sanding down a piece of wood.) It tones and promotes circulation but it doesn’t leave someone with blotchy tight itchy skin. It is very good about not stripping natural oils from skin and hair. White Clay is popular in a number of spa treatments and is used head to toe in a number of applications. Body wraps, facials, and even hair masks for a deep-clean of the hair and scalp. It’s anti-inflammatory qualities can help calm down really angry skin that has insect bites or rashes. It isn’t a terribly showy product but white clay wants to soothe and heal wherever it can be of use.


- The Gracefruit Team

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