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Product of the Week: Warm Gingerbread Fragrance

Product of the Week: Warm Gingerbread Fragrance

25th May, 2021

Warm Gingerbread Fragrance

In theory it is Spring in this part of the world but someone forgot to pay the heating bill so everyone is hiding under blankets and cardigans. While one remains stuck indoors a little bit longer there is a need for a scent that provides comfort and provides the right kind of nostalgia.
Warm Gingerbread fragrance oil is that perfect touch. One must be warned it will make everyone incredibly hungry. A recipe should be handed over when something is made with this tantalizing fragrance oil. It can bring on memories of a Grandmother or Auntie with a welcoming kitchen. For some it reminds one of that one bakery that hit the senses with warmth and spice every time one walked through the door.
We are always going to chase a scent from that one specific moment in time and this one can follow you many places. One could make the best scented candles with Warm Gingerbread fragrance oil and then create a play-list to add to that soothing experience.
This isn’t just for the winter months. This one is for when a person needs a little extra care.

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