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Product of the Week: Warm Gingerbread Fragrance!

Product of the Week: Warm Gingerbread Fragrance!

29th August, 2018

Warm Gingerbread Fragrance

It is easy to love Summer. It is like a pretty person with perfect hair and easy charm. Summer lures everyone in with the heat of the day, ice cream on holidays, watching the twilight that is slow to go, and taking in the scent of flowers in heavy bloom. Then there are those who wait with patience for Autumn. Autumn is that quiet person in the corner with mysterious eyes and dry sense of humour. Lovers of Autumn and the cold months long to break out their scarf collection again. They are the ones who enjoy the sharp crisp air in the morning, going for walks down narrow lanes where they can watch the leaves changing colour, and finding excuses to bring certain scents into the house. Warm Gingerbread fragrance oil is a great addition for those seeking that experience.
This fragrance oil is an exquisite combination of spicy stem ginger and cinnamon with notes of cake and vanilla pod. Think of lazy afternoons in a coffee shop with good cake, and warm beverages, ignoring the shrinking light. Or cozy evenings under soft blankets finally catching up on that one television series that everyone was raving about a few months ago, while snacking on a few biscuits. But maybe one wants to avoid crumbs or can eat only so much cake in a day but still craves that scent. In a lotion, cream, or soap, warm gingerbread can follow someone as they wrap themselves up in that new scarf and think, “Maybe I will take up oil painting, or maybe I will just go home, take a bath and hide in bed with a book.


- The Gracefruit Team

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