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Product of the Week: Sorbitol!

Product of the Week: Sorbitol!

14th March, 2018

Naturally derived from dextrose, commonly found in a wide range of fruits and being used as an alternative to sugar in foods and toothpaste, Sorbitol is an amazing thickener that provides viscosity and texture to cosmetic applications.

It is also considered to be an incredibly powerful humectant with beneficial moisturising properties for the hair and skin; this helps to impart a smooth, soft, conditioned feeling and helps to retain the skins moisture levels.
This makes it a wonderful cosmetic ingredient for both skin care and hair care, imparting lasting smoothness and shine. When combined with a moisturising agent, sorbitol becomes one of the major building blocks for creating the ideal moisturisation product. Often added at the oil phase of a cosmetic formulation.

- The Gracefruit Team

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