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Product of the Week: Roasted Coffee Bean Fragrance

Product of the Week: Roasted Coffee Bean Fragrance

29th June, 2021

Roasted Coffee Bean Fragrance

As one considers life on the other side of the pandemic, (We aren’t
there yet, so keep being safe, get your vaccines, and avoid the sweaty
indoor disco for awhile) there might be this desire for a new direction
or to just plain abandon a status quo that doesn’t serve anyone. It is
time to find a scent that inspires possibility. Roasted Coffee fragrance
oil is a rich bouquet that smells exactly like that cup of ambition that
Dolly Parton poured in ‘9 to 5’. It isn’t a one note of freshly poured
coffee (Which is fantastic) it is something a little bit deeper. It
isn’t masculine or feminine. It has a completely different path that is
much more inclusive with its woods, musk, and amber. It isn’t an
isolated cold in its attitude. (It has no interest in the memes about
coffee making surly people be less antisocial) The lavender and
chocolate base displays a vulnerable warmth. It isn’t snobbish but it is
sophisticated. Here is a fragrance for a new life that rejects
mediocrity. Everyone has a right to the best things and Roasted Coffee
is going to share that with everyone.

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