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Product of the Week: Pomegranate Fragrance

Product of the Week: Pomegranate Fragrance

15th March, 2021

Pomegranate Fragrance

Not every scent needs to be a sexy experience where you stare at someone across the room, and electricity flies all around you, before the two of you run off to Morocco for an adventure that is later memorialised in a concept album, three novels, and a painting owned by an eccentric billionaire.
In times of great stress, one might seek something that embodies a quiet warmth and a kind of comfort that brings on a vague sense of nostalgia. Pomegranate fragrance oil makes you think to yourself, “Yes we were all together, and there was laughter.” It wasn’t a full feast but there was food, and a fire and was it a holiday? Possibly.
It might also be an afternoon in the garden where everyone lingered for so long that dusk slowly descended but no one felt the rush to go inside. Not yet, for there was still some sweetness to be found among the blooms, and the ripe fruit.
It is a long established intimacy where limbs rest comfortably against each other, the jokes are well known, and there is happy sigh among the occasional silences.
Some scents bring the promise of happy days again and we like to think that this one brings on the soothing glow of the future where once again little is rushed. It isn’t the big hopes of manic thrills that we most desire with Pomegranate fragrance oil; it is familiar occasions where twenty years down the road you might say, “That was a good day.”

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