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Product of the Week: Pink Pepper & Vanilla Fragrance

Product of the Week: Pink Pepper & Vanilla Fragrance

11th May, 2021

Pink Pepper & Vanilla Fragrance

Years ago there was a beautiful amusing book called “The Bombshell Manual of Style” and it had a chapter on the kinds of perfume a bombshell favours. It describes how her perfume should put you in her thrall and she doesn’t choose her scent cavalierly. There is purpose in those notes and it isn’t supposed to be for everyone.
It reminds one of our feline friends. There are some people who say that cats are cold or detached. That they aren’t all that fond of their owners. It shows a lack of insight into the nature of cats. When they trust and feel safe with another creature they can be incredibly loving. They may actually be excellent judges of characters and they don’t need to beg for adoration.(It just comes naturally.)
Pink Pepper and Vanilla fragrance oil possesses such a personality. It is welcoming with its florals and vanilla but that wonderful opening of spicy pepper reminds you that it chooses its company. It is feminine and if scent had a gaze this one would be direct and has its own determined path. If this was in a scented candle it would show all visitors who truly owned the space. It is soft but it does not give in to any whim to make others happy.

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