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Product of the Week: Pink Kisses Fragrance

Product of the Week: Pink Kisses Fragrance

6th July, 2021

Pink Kisses Fragrance

Is this sugar and spice and everything nice? Yes but Pink Kisses
fragrance oil shouldn’t be taken advantage of. Everyone wants to get
close when they smell this gentle sweet scent of candy floss, caramel,
toffee, and vanilla. The cynical sorts would dismiss this as mere fluff
and intellectually uninspired. Or that it is just for manipulation.
People should take this fragrance seriously for it has so much going for
it. There is depth in the fruity and citrus in middle notes and lands
with confidence on that smoky brown sugar. It has that pop star quality
that is judged for being a fantasy but upon investigation it works
harder than most to show its worth. It is a fragrance that can move
people. It may not be for everyone but it sure is appreciated by so
many. Pink Kisses understands every detail of image and first
impressions and this wants to bring absolute joy and pleasure to the
world. Let it be free to live as it should.

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