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Product of the Week: Pink Grapefruit Fragrance

Product of the Week: Pink Grapefruit Fragrance

29th March, 2021

Pink Grapefruit Fragrance

In the 1990s there was quite a shift in perfume fads. Aldehydes were seen as a bit too much. (along with big hair and shoulderpads) and there was a real trend for unisex scents that had a more spices and herbs. It is almost like the desire was to wear a dry cocktail. There was supposed to be a new kind of sexiness born out of this but it seemed so performative and almost camp that it ceased to be sexy but what did remain was something clean, without much of an agenda and it wasn’t telling you what to be. Our Pink Grapefruit cosmetic fragrance oil fits so beautifully into that category. To some who remember the 90s well, it might feel a little vintage but it does something very well. It isn’t putting forth the energy to be sexy or sensual and that can be very important. For some people, a sexualised touch to their scent doesn’t feel safe or useful. This is a citrus scent that starts off sharp but softens into something that feels warm but has boundaries. It isn’t quite introverted but it doesn’t need to have the world at its feet all of the time. In this era of dusty pink, succulents, and white fluffy rugs, this is a kind of rejection of that and a return to a well worn jumper that looks good, well made shoes that fit beautifully, and the ease in saying, “I would prefer to be at home with my book.” Pink Grapefruit fragrance oil knows what it is about and doesn’t need to hear anyone’s debate.


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