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Product of the Week: Pikake Fragrance

Product of the Week: Pikake Fragrance

14th September, 2021

Pikake Fragrance

There is a beautiful tropical plant that is known as the Grand Duke of Tuscany or Moss Rose Jasmine (Who sound like characters in romance novels) but its name here is Pikake. It is derived from the Hawaiian word for peacock and Pikake fragrance oil is pretty confident in its ability to lure people towards its charms. It isn’t an over-bearing scent. Every single note is well thought-out. A citrus bergamot that brings focus before gently relaxing everyone with its touch of green, woods, and amber. It reminds one of the slow blink of a cat that likes your presence when one takes in the plum, musk, and vanilla. In many ways this fragrance is like being reminded of a favourite song that isn’t a banger or a bop but creates a happy state of mind. This would be truly gorgeous in soaps, scented candles, perfumes, and aromatherapy. Embrace this in the darkest points of winter and find an endless summer.


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