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Product of the Week: Pampering Bliss Fragrance

Product of the Week: Pampering Bliss Fragrance

22nd June, 2021

Pampering Bliss Fragrance

Pampering Bliss fragrance oil is soft and pretty but has this torchy emotional edge that has to be respected. It is like when Dusty Springfield would come out in a long beautiful gown, big candy floss hair and perfect eye-make up. Looking like a doll and then flooring you with her intense songs of longing and displaying a vulnerability that spoke of something deeper than many could see.

The top notes of peach, apricot and other fruits are disarming. One is encouraged to relax and reveal themselves. (The best spas and salons seem to have that scent lingering in the air. Reminding you that you will be cared for.) It is when the heart is revealed that something else is going on. Yes these are florals but they are simpering ones. They are confident and not exactly interested in everyone’s opinion. That Peony and Jasmine knows exactly who it will be tender with and who needs to stay outside. This scent doesn’t care for those who think they are a big deal.
Yes there is a sweetness to this fragrance with the vanilla and caramel but it takes some awareness to see that beyond the easy beauty there is strength within the amber and sandalwood. It is like when people dismiss pop music performed by pretty girls. (From Lesley Gore to Ariana Grande) Pampering Bliss may show you a good time but it has a whole entire identity of its own and it needs to be cherished.

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