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Product of the Week: Ocean Bloom Fragrance

Product of the Week: Ocean Bloom Fragrance

7th September, 2021

Ocean Bloom Fragrance

Think of the best seaside holiday you ever experienced. The heat of the
day that made every part of you relax and go with the rhythm of the
ocean and the tempo of the place. Time isn’t so fixed with Ocean Bloom
fragrance oil. As the kids say it is pure vibes. There might be romance.
There might be revelations about the direction life should take. Maybe
all of the woes that follow one, decide to evaporate. It begins with
that gorgeous ozonic floral that isn’t feminine but has a warmth that is
casual and easy. There might come a desire to try something totally new.
The florals give off a kind of sensuality that recall evenings where
people don’t go to sleep until dawn makes its quiet appearance. There is
time on the beach and the sea salt adds another layer. It decorates the
skin and one’s soul. But it is the base where all of the confidence
comes together with the woods, musk and amber. It is shameless but not
arrogant. It merely encourages one to discard what is useless or dull.
Ocean Bloom is your own private island of fun. Stay on holiday with this
scent and never return.

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