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Product of the Week: Marshmallow Fragrance

Product of the Week: Marshmallow Fragrance

24th August, 2021

Marshmallow Fragrance

There are romantic ideas about camping and sitting around fire and cooking food. Some truly enjoy the entire outdoor experience. They like sleeping under the stars, watching the sun rise, and working through assorted challenges. Then there are those who would prefer to sleep in a warm bed at night with heating and running water and not waking to a spider as a bed-mate. Both are valid experiences that do diverge quite a bit but there is one place where people often unite -roasting marshmallows. Hand everyone a stick and one of those sweet delicious pillows and all will suddenly speak well of cooking over a fire. Now what if we could take the sweet scent with us everywhere? We can with our Marshmallow fragrance oil. This is a fragrance that has a sugary almond touch that leads to the most gentle woods and musk that reminds one of the crackle of an open fire. (Minus the smoke that wants to follow you everywhere.) Standing on its own it will make a great addition to soaps, bubble baths, and even scented lotions. Combined with a Chocolate, and a Gingerbread fragrance oil and an aromatic s’more could be created. This is a fragrance that could be layered a few different ways. This is the scent that could make winter one of the most pleasurable experiences. Smiles are found wherever this scent resides.


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