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Product of the Week: Lemon Zest Fragrance

Product of the Week: Lemon Zest Fragrance

20th July, 2021

Lemon Zest Fragrance

Lemon Zest fragrance oil is a bright clean citrus scent that isn’t antiseptic. It is lemon squash in the shade on a hot day. It is a family member’s kitchen as they are making lemon meringue pie. It is that one market you remember on holiday with the friendly seller who slipped an extra lemon into your bag. It is what you feel when you see the most beautiful still life full of fruit and light. It clears away old feelings and lets you create something brand new when you smell it. Eventually when all of this chaos ends you will need a fragrance that creates a sharp line that tells everyone we are going to create something new and wonderful and Lemon Zest wants to be a part of that. It is firm in its presence but it doesn’t take over the space. It clears the way for you to become what you want. It will make exquisite candles, reviving bath products, and the kinds of soaps that give a little hope each day.


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