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Product of the Week: Lemon Powder!

Product of the Week: Lemon Powder!

31st October, 2018

Lemon Powder

Lemon Powder is a superhero who disguises their intense powers by distracting everyone with its sunny lemon scent. It is a spray-dried powder that seems like a fun addition to hot and cold process soaps (because Lemon Powder refuses to let anyone down.) and assorted dry facial and body treatments. (Try it out in a bath tea if you want something a little bit different and luxurious) Suddenly when you least expect it, it drops amazing things on you like it is Beyoncé, knowing what you need before you even fully wake up to its brilliance. Lemon Powder is full of vitamin A, Vitamin C, potassium, iron, among other things. It is practically a meal for the whole body. It is backed up by some serious antioxidants, which are some of the greatest sidekicks in the skincare world. No free radical stands a chance. Lemon Powder doesn’t just show up for a lucky few; it is there for all skin types. As we enter enter the colder months in the northern Hemisphere, this can be a fitting addition to a number of products for people with dry or sensitive skin. It will nurture and protect. All hail Lemon Powder!

- The Gracefruit Team

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