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Product of the Week: Inventus Fragrance

Product of the Week: Inventus Fragrance

8th March, 2021

Inventus Fragrance

Inventus fragrance oil doesn’t care to be boxed in by certain labels or expectations. It is a scent that chose to leave behind the ritual and heaviness of the Belle Epoque. It survived war and pain and in this new dawn it decided it would forge a different path. Is it feminine or masculine? It will answer, “yes!” It depends upon the mood and the
personality each day, because who is the same every single day?
One day a daring woman with an Eton crop. She has a taste for showing up at parties in a tux. (She was last seen in a frock in 1917) She has a talent for flying planes and beating everyone poker. She travels everywhere with her companion Marjorie who keeps track of laundry and the post.
The next day a dancer of mysterious origins (Possibly Odessa, likely Poughkeepsie) known for a performance in an oyster shell and a gown that leaves little to the imagination. She may have committed bigamy that one time but she blames that on Harold for he was in charge of the accounts.
Another embrace of Inventus and a dandy in silk appears -known for dancing the tango with Nijinsky one night. He is never in one place for long but is always surrounded by beautiful women much to the chagrin of many men.
Or there is the boxer, who may deal with strange underworld figures, and lives a world of blood and sweat, but he always appears outside of the ring in beautifully tailored suits and smells of a summer day. He is faithful and loyal to his loving manager; a man he calls Babe.
Inventus is a race through an orchard of citrus trees in the heat of the day when the fruit offers its sweetness, before being taken on a picnic among roses, where there is a glimpse of tenderness. Finally the lingering wander in the woods where ambergris, moss and patchouli allow one to reveal themselves.
Inventus is unisex but it isn’t afraid to show the complexities of its existence. It is timeless and nudges a person to make their own rules.

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