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Product of the Week: Green french Clay!

Product of the Week: Green french Clay!

26th September, 2018

Green French Clay

Many people’s first experience with skincare comes from seeing a parent appearing with a mask of a green-faced monster. It is usually a shocking experience that soon becomes an amusing family story. A few years later one puts on that same mask to combat a new monster: acne. It is funny how there are various advancements made in tackling adolescent acne but nearly everyone tries and finds reliability in that simple green mask of green french clay. It draws out the dirt, and other goblins, gets the circulation going, but doesn’t leave things feeling tight and itchy. You wash it off, and feeling refreshed and restored. There is also something really lovely about the fact that it isn’t a solitary sort of skincare experience. It can also be this communal experience between a group of friends, or even a couple. (one part of the couple might be reluctant until they see how nice their skin feels after trying the mask.) A sweet bonding moment that has existed for several thousand years and still people enjoy this. The only real evolution is that it is documented on social media because that green-faced monster is still funny and surprising. The simplicity of this illite clay that gets its color from iron oxides and decomposed plant matter is astounding in many ways. Perfect in the spa setting for full body treatments, at home, and even for medicinal purposes. So modest and yet never out of fashion.


- The Gracefruit Team

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