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Product of the Week: Geisha Spring Fragrance

Product of the Week: Geisha Spring Fragrance

1st June, 2021

Geisha Spring Fragrance

Looking at the fashion of the youth, there are a lot of garments that recall the early to mid 1990s. Between the high-waisted jeans, the chunky shoes, and the crop tops, it takes a person back and one has a desire to listen to En Vogue or Des’ree.
Yet there is one thing the kids are missing. The scent of that era.
One key element was that aquatic floral touch that felt so new to everyone. Geisha Spring is the most perfect time capsule with that hint of melon and the sea without the brine. Even the florals feel different. It isn’t like being caught among heavy traditional feminine scents that marked the 1980s. This is lighter and restrained without being cold.
Peony and Carnation appear to give a touch of attitude. It is a reminder of that youthful confidence. One should always keep that feeling close at any age. The touch of woods reminds one of the scent’s namesake, for those performance artists and entertainers contain great depth in their immense talent. It often looks effortless but requires years of work, which can apply to everyone.
This is a scent for the eternal summer we should all carry with us while recognising the insights that comes with age and experience. A scent for the Gen Xers who still keep going while the world wildly spins.


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