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Product of the Week: Fresh Hay Fragrance Oil!

Product of the Week: Fresh Hay Fragrance Oil!

24th October, 2018

Fresh Hay Fragrance Oil

Come with us to find Fresh Hay. You aren’t going on a hayride; crowded with a bunch of people. There won’t be bales to stick and poke at you. There won’t be insects biting you, nor will you be too cold or too warm. You are walking along a narrow road surrounded by the entangled lush hedgerows that have given in the commands of the sun and rain.The heat of the day is rising and making every bit of flora pliant in producing a bouquet of spice, sweetness, and a touch of citrus just for you. This is to merely lure you towards an open field of possibility. Piles of cut grass waiting to be transformed into sculptures that will dot the landscape. For now this improvised temple is touched by the lazy warmth that gently wakes up the scent of hay, sandal, amber, and vanilla. You find that your pagan self has to come out, and you want to stay here awhile. Laying on a blanket, you submit to the incalescence and let Fresh Hay guide every sensation. The hum of bees, the varied song of birds, the symphony of a breeze that runs through the grass, the perfume of summer, and the electricity of existence that resides in Fresh Hay. You have been awakened by Fresh Hay Fragrance Oil.

- The Gracefruit Team


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