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Product of the Week: Fiji Fragrance

Product of the Week: Fiji Fragrance

31st August, 2021

Fiji Fragrance

In these very complicated times so many exotic places may call to us and
we may not be able to visit but we can look at films, and photos to gain
a sense of a place and placate our longing. We may see and hear but
there is always that one detail missing -the scent of a place. Until
now! The islands of Fiji were formed by volcanic activity and we find
that our Fiji fragrance oil erupts with confidence and delicacy, and
isn't some playground for the privileged. This is a complex and
important place that has great meaning. These islands are home to people
and so many exquisite kinds of flora. Fiji fragrance oil is something
special. This is a tropical scent that takes you on a walk through
assorted gardens. There is a gentle breeze of orange flowers, leading
you to its heart of tiare, frangipani and jasmine. These beautiful
scented flowers are found across the South Pacific and are used for
garlands. Now imagine being able to have the scent of those meticulously
crafted garlands with you for a very long time. But Fiji doesn’t stop
there. The air is filled with the warmth of coconut, vanilla and the
glamour of musk and patchouli. It is heady and calming. Even if one is
in the dark cold months of the Northern Hemisphere, Fiji fragrance oil
will remind one that beautiful places exist and should be protected and

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