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Product of the Week: Dragonsblood Fragrance

Product of the Week: Dragonsblood Fragrance

6th April, 2021

Dragonsblood Fragrance

A taste for the theatrical is the first thing that comes to mind with Dragonsblood fragrance oil. It isn’t nostalgic but it will immediately draw in people who were into the new romantics, had a great love of henna as a teenager, and still believe in the power of dramatic eyeliner.

It kicks off with that resin found in incense production. It wants to take you somewhere shadowy and mysterious like an ancient souk, a great gothic church with relics hidden in the corner, or a remote temple high in the mountains. It allows you to exist in the spirit world for a while, where there is constant twilight, smoky tea, and music you want to chase.

The Patchouli and rose appear and the journey continues.

It is night time, and you want to be surrounded by velvet, a glowing fire, and drinks of an excellent vintage. (You aren’t a teenager anymore so the quality of everything has improved in this magical world.) You don’t have anywhere to be and it isn’t like you will ever be on time (it isn’t your style) so you might as well stay here and be seduced.

In the morning orange and jasmine awaken you in the sunrise. The world is so quiet as you walk the empty streets. At most you might encounter a solitary cat, or another being who crossed over into strange dimensions.
You nod at each other because you know you will return with Dragonsblood.

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