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Product of the Week: Coffee & Cardamom Fragrance

Product of the Week: Coffee & Cardamom Fragrance

15th June, 2021

Yes people know about Hygge and finding pleasure in the ritual of quiet cosiness; but do you know fika?
It isn’t a quick coffee at one’s desk, or a short espresso standing at a coffee bar. Among Swedes it is the practice of taking time away from work and other daily tasks to drink coffee and eat something small with others. It is very social and can be a place to tend to various matters in a gentle environment.
This brings us to Coffee & Cardamom fragrance oil. It is the scent of this ritual. It brings on warm feelings and an open invitation to the metaphorical table. A fragrance that wishes to lure one to a place of care and confidence. Whether in candles, or soap it makes the woes of the world pause for a little bit while one takes the time to reflect upon many ideas. Everyone deserves that space to feel revived by a bit of coffee and spice.
Let’s awaken the best parts of ourselves.

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