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Product of the Week: Classique 5!

Product of the Week: Classique 5!

19th September, 2018

Classique 5

A scent that first appears powdery and aldehydic might strike some as a bit safe, or even old fashioned. That is okay; those with short attention spans can find enjoyment in something more direct, clean, or simple. The thing about scents with a strong floral aldehyde like this one, is that it is there to tempt one into a dance as the scent begins to move or shimmer into something more complex. You are taken to somewhere woody and then it shifts and changes to become a garden with heavy with the heat that brings out jasmine, lily of the valley, and roses and then before you blink you are surrounded by a touch of vanilla and musk. You are seduced. Forget any other obligations because you are going to accept pleasure and nothing else.

Classique 5 is a fragrance oil is for the personality that knows their own mind but doesn’t feel that they should have to explain everything because some things are private but if you are lucky a few secrets will be discovered. Classique 5 is instant glamour. You may not wake up like this but the scent will sort you like a cup of coffee and good lighting. It will show you how to stand on the train platform like you are waiting for your lover to arrive from Budapest. It allows for a kind of tender vulnerability mixed with strength of character that means that occasionally one might break down into tears while arguing and finding no shame in in that display of emotion. It has a taste for adventure and a desire to try something a little different even it it makes others wonder if you have gone mad because you decided to skip a family dinner and go to Tangiers with that lovely someone (who may or may not be a Romanov) you met at that book release. Because at the end of the day, it is all about the story and legend to be told of that one time in Buenos Aires when there might have been trouble with a coup, and not knowing if you would ever see the great love of your life ever again. If someone is wise and sticks around they will find that Classique 5 is a scent that represents a multifaceted personality that may appear contrary to some but absolutely fascinating and bold to others.


- The Gracefruit Team

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