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Product of the Week: Citrine Fragrance Oil!

Product of the Week: Citrine Fragrance Oil!

12th December, 2018

Citrine Fragrance Oil

Come closer. Be tempted. You can’t help but pay attention to Citrine fragrance oil. It wants to lure you into its poetic world. It begins in the heat of the day by introducing you to the enlivening orange and grapefruit, and it’s gentle green notes and melon. This is the Feria de Dia. There is the noise of the crowd, sips of Rebujito, the clacking slide of fans opening with flourish, glances around Calle Larios towards potential dance partners. You aren’t feeling brave just yet but your eyes and nose are pulled towards vivid flowers, and fruit. The scent promises many distractions. Apples and plums, peaches, apricot, lily, what is all of that sweetness? You forget your other plans because the night is arriving and the sweetness is evaporating for something much more intense and mature. Everything else was innocent pleasures. The base notes take us to the Feria de Noche. There is music and shameless seduction. Musk offers playful coaxing. Wouldn’t you like a bit more? Follow me this way. Flirtation that melts into the final touch with patchouli, and cedarwood. All parts are intertwined, and then release to begin the dance again and again.

- The Gracefruit Team

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