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Product of the Week: Champaca Blossom Fragrance Oil!

Product of the Week: Champaca Blossom Fragrance Oil!

5th December, 2018

Champaca Blossom Fragrance Oil

To those who appreciate wisteria and sunshine, Champaca Blossom
fragrance oil is available to own; not just on the shores of the
Mediterranean but anywhere you choose. (unfortunately there are no
servants to remain.) You may not be able to physically escape the grey,
the rain, the muted light of winter but this fragrance oil will take you
somewhere for a little bit. It may not be a small medieval castle in
April but it will offer a retreat that can be taken nearly anywhere.
Imagine it in a bath product that allows one to relax whilst shutting
out swarm of shallow men and think clearly about one truly wants in
life. Or consider it in a scented candle that gives one time to reflect
upon a long life among bright sparks that are now gone. In a lotion or a
perfume it can take people away from their malaise and frustration and
place them in a magical garden filled with exotic wonders. Lush exotic
floral accords lure you into the sunshine. The warmth of bergamot and
black pepper to encourage some energy. A walk into the heart of garden
will allow one to experience an intoxicating mix of ylang, jasmine, the
unapologetic sweetness of tuberose, the spice of carnation, and the
lightness of orange blossom. The doldrums cease to exist and now it is
time to rest in the shade of woods, and the amber glow of patchouli,
cedarwood, vetiver and musk. Let out a happy gentle sigh of relief.
Nothing will cause worry in this paradise.


- The Gracefruit Team

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