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Product of the Week: Butter Powder!

Product of the Week: Butter Powder!

10th October, 2018

Butter Powder

Everyone knows about olive oil. It is like a popular girl who everyone knows and likes and she is everywhere. “Oh call her, she is great.” In the warm climates of southern Europe, they can use it for food, medicinal purposes, and for beauty products. It is fantastic. But it is a fairly recent thing for the rest of us in the cold climates to have access to such a delightful all around useful product. For many butter is the go to product for a variety of needs. In Scandinavian countries butter is so much a part of the culture that the Danish have a word, Tandsmør which translates to “tooth butter.” And refers to having so much butter on your bread that when you take a bite it leaves tooth marks. Not only is it used for food, it is also used for medicinal purposes AND it was interesting to learn that in Russia there was a tradition of using clarified butter for skin care needs. (excellent for sensitive skin, helps prevents rashes, and dealing with the dryness that long vicious winters bring.) But you don’t have to cook down a bunch of butter or smell like it. We have butter powder. Yes. Really. It makes soaps incredibly creamy with its high fat content. It is mess free too. It is unsalted melted butter that has been spray-dried for freshness. It doesn’t just feel good in lotions and creams. It has fatty acids which can help with inflammation and is deceptively rich in assorted vitamins. While we still love olive oil a great deal, butter powder is pretty fantastic in their own quiet way.


- The Gracefruit Team

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