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Product of the Week: Blackberry & Basil Fragrance

Product of the Week: Blackberry & Basil Fragrance

27th July, 2021

Blackberry & Basil Fragrance

There is a line in Seamus Heaney’s poem “Blackberry Picking” that seems
fitting for things we experience in summer. “Each year I hoped they'd
keep, knew they would not.” Blackberries are such a thing. Waiting for
the heat of the sun to urge the fruit to ripen a little faster, only to
engage in a race to pick and eat them before the birds and rain get
them. Then there is basil which thrives in the heat but also asks for
many drinks of water before wishing to bolt before we have had enough of
that sultry green. But we have engaged in a little alchemy with
Blackberry & Basil fragrance oil. We can allow the more herbal side of
Summer to linger. It isn’t a fruity sweet scent that reminds one of
sugary jam, or of garlicky pesto. Together the two give off the scent of
green in the heat. Somewhere between the garden and the hedges is this
secretive fragrance. Almost like a stolen kiss over a gate where the
masculine and feminine intermingle for a few minutes. Everything is
overgrown and lush and one leans back against a cedar tree feeling the
quiet of the shade as August moves slowly. The pace is slower with this

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