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Product of the Week: Baby Butter Bee Fragrance

Product of the Week: Baby Butter Bee Fragrance

20th April, 2021

Baby Butter Bee Fragrance

As an internet meme so wisefully expressed to the world, “I’m baby.”
Baby Butter Bee fragrance oil allows everyone to feel cared for and tended to in the most gentle way. It is sweet without being cloying, and it has that powdery touch that feels so much like a familiar and dearly missed hug. There is an element to the scent that almost smells like breakfast or a bakery but then it leads somewhere else that reminds one of lit birthday candles, and ice cream.
It wants to take a person through points of pleasant childhood memory.
There is no denying that things have been so difficult and stressful and this scent will quiet the world for a bit and make one feel a little more soft and safe.
It is a fragrance oil that isn’t for just one sort of person. It will sooth babies and adults alike, and reaches everyone when they feel out of sorts and might be in need of a bath and a nap. (It is amazing how that can solve a lot of ire in the world.) Imagine this in a soap, bubble bath, or even as a scented candle to bring the calm back to the room. We can’t always stamp our feet and make someone fix everything but a little Baby Butter Bee fragrance oil can bring some simple kindness to the day.

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