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Product of the Week: Amber Glow Fragrance

Product of the Week: Amber Glow Fragrance

18th May, 2021

Amber Glow Fragrance

One of the great scenes in cinema is the train station scene in the 1974 film, “Murder on the Orient Express”. It is a swirl of activity. Food being inspected for the dining car, railway employees going over paperwork and checking everything is in order, people from around the world in costume on their way to somewhere important, street urchins, enthusiastic sellers of all goods, and of course the passengers arriving to take this long journey across Europe. There are hats, furs, emotions on edge.
The personalities do stand out and then there is Lauren Bacall’s character Mrs. Hubbard. Her entrance radiates luxury, confidence, and purpose. She isn’t bothered by those wanting her attention but she isn’t going to hand over anything unless it is her choice. Her entire outfit is battle-ready, and even when presented with the surprise of a little Belgian detective’s presence, she merely pauses before heading to her carriage.
You have just been in the presence of Amber Glow fragrance oil. It isn’t fragile nor does it fall apart under pressure. It may be vulnerable but it will seek revenge when its heart has been broken. It is every Earth sign in the zodiac who loves opulence, is wildly loyal, and knows that sometimes you have to organise everyone, and make sure someone is good and murdered.
The precious woods dance with bergamot, lemon, spices and fig to make life happen. It feels at home in the heat of Rome, the bitter cold of Moscow, the humidity of Tokyo, and in the mild climate of the Aberdare Range, it is nomadic and adaptable even in its need for splendor. It doesn’t need to show off one’s bank account and tell everyone how much they spent on a car. That is gauche. They merely want things to work when they need to use them, will rightfully complain and see to it the problem is fixed. Not just for themselves but for everyone.
Take this fragrance to your heart because it wants the absolute best for everyone and will give the best advice while wearing a fur coat and not letting some bore ruin a good time.

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