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Product of the Week: Aloe Fragrance

Product of the Week: Aloe Fragrance

4th May, 2021

Aloe Fragrance

Some are ready for hot vax summer.  Where there are grand plans to overwhelm every sense they possess and give in to every base urge. Those are great intentions, but not everyone wants that path. Many are still feeling fragile and a little discombobulated by recent events. The re-entry into society may bring about hesitation, or limited emotional energy. Sometimes what is required is a little hand-holding, and gentle encouragement.
Aloe fragrance oil brings that spirit to the room. It may sound a little silly to some but a scent can boost confidence and provide some support in varying ways. Our Aloe isn’t exactly masculine in the most traditional way. (Sharp soapy citrus notes, that speak of opinions about suits, whisky, where to eat oysters, what books are worth reading, and which Miles Davis album is the best.) but it does have a quiet dominant energy that makes one want to let out a great sigh of relief that things might be okay.
The mineral floral accord meeting that touch of ozone will tell everyone that it is okay if one just wants to sit on the patio (Instead of going inside) and have drinks brought to you. The lily, green notes, rose, and geranium is the reminder that the world patiently waits for our appearance. And when it is time, Aloe will be there with the warmth from the woody musks, reminding all that no one is alone in this strange new world.
Embrace the hug of Aloe fragrance oil.

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