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Product of the Week - Polysorbate 20!

Product of the Week - Polysorbate 20!

31st May, 2017

This week's featured product is not often talked about, but works well in so many different things: Polysorbate 20!

A popular non-irritating emulsifier, polysorbate 20 is also known for its stabilising and solubilising abilities, making for long-lasting and stable cosmetic formulations.
It is commonly used in cream preparations such as shampoos, creams and lotions due to its mildness and easy spreadability. Polysorbate 20 makes for an excellent room spray or bath oil when combined with hydrolats and other essential oil-based cosmetic ingredients, making it a popular choice for things such as aromatherapy and spa treatments as well.

This emulsifier is also known to be incredibly soothing to skin, making it a great cosmetic ingredient for skin care products in particular, being suitable for all skin types and conditions.

We hope you'd like to give it a go if you haven't already!


- The Gracefruit Team

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