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Europe's No. 1 choice for Cosmetic Ingredients

About Gracefruit Limited

Gracefruit Limited is a family-owned business based in central Scotland which supplies a diverse range of raw ingredients for soap, cosmetic and candle making to clients within the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

Renowned for high quality products, many of which are exclusive to Gracefruit, the company is constantly praised for their high level of customer satisfaction which is one of the leading contributing factors which has made them Europe's number one choice for cosmetic ingredients.

Now in their ninth successful year of trading, Gracefruit has grown to a company employing over fifteen individuals, each bringing a wealth of experience to the company and helping make Gracefruit what it is today.

Our Products

Gracefruit Limited are constantly updating their product offering, bringing you new and high quality ingredients, many of which are often exclusive to them. Each and every product that Gracefruit offer is made available along with all required documentation, and fragrance oils are supplied with batch numbers and testing data as standard. All of these things show Gracefruit's commitment to their customers, making their job of soap / cosmetic making easier as a result.

Looking for a fragrance oil we used to stock but has now been discontinued? Again, because we manufacturer product exclusive to Gracefruit, we can supply these discontinued fragrances, just contact one of our team to discuss our fragrance archive. We can also manufacturer custom fragrances for customers, just arrange a meeting with one of our team today.

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