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Product of the Week - Organic Rose Hydrolat!

Product of the Week - Organic Rose Hydrolat!

10th February, 2017

This week's featured product is so fabulous it's rumoured that even Cleopatra herself kept a bottle to hand; Rose hydrolat!

Rose hydrolat is a very interesting ingredient that is merely a byproduct of the rose essential oil creation process - who knew it would become such a popular cosmetic item! Even though this wonderful rosey water is a byproduct, that doesn't stop it from being wonderful for dry, tired skin, offering mild healing properties as well as helping to rehydrate any dry areas.

Rose hydrolat is also fantastic for acne-prone skin as it offers mild antibacterial properties without drying out or irritating the skin. It also helps to control sebum production, reduce inflammation and gives skin room to breathe and heal itself. If you struggle with large pores, rose hydrolat can also aid in reducing their size while still giving you that nice, dewy glow.

However, if we're all perfectly honest, our favourite part about our organic rose hydrolat is that gorgeous signature smell it offers every time we spritz it. We recommend simply using it neat in a spray bottle as a mist or toner - especially this Valentine's day!


- The Gracefruit Team

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