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Product of the Week - Dimethicone 1000!

Product of the Week - Dimethicone 1000!

21st June, 2017

Creating fabulous texture and conditioning, this week's featured product is Dimethicone 1000!

Dimethicone comes in various viscosities, ours is 1000 centistokes, a medium thick viscosity which offers excellent barrier properties when used in skin protectant formulations. It adds slip and glide, reducing tackiness. It offers conditioning properties when used in hair and skin care applications.

This oil-soluble silicone is an excellent cosmetic ingredient for skin care and hair care applications, with a wide variety of uses. It offers natural lubrication, adding more slip and glide to cosmetics, reducing tackiness on the skin and a sticky feeling in hair, improving hair's softness and reduces frizziness even in high humidity. Dimethicone 1000 also helps to create a protective barrier on the skin, helping to protect it from harsh outside elements such as heat, sun damage and cold winds, as well as things such as free radicals. As this silicone possesses natural emolliency, it is an excellent addition to cosmetics such as conditioners, lotions and moisturisers as well as other leave-on and rinse-off applications. With a thicker viscosity, Dimethicone 1000 creates a stronger, more protective barrier than ingredients such as Dimethicone 100 or 350.

We hope you'd like to give it a try!


- The Gracefruit Team

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