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Product of the Week - Almond Wax!

Product of the Week - Almond Wax!

27th January, 2017

Hey everyone! We're very excited to be posting our very first featured product of the week!

This week we've decided we'd like to highlight the benefits and uses of our favourite alternative wax; almond wax.

As plenty of us already know almond wax is often used in place of beeswax for an array of vegan products - it can be used in candles, soaps, creams, lotions and more - offering its own unique benefits to these products and users as well. Being this versatile we can't help but highlight it!

Almond wax has often been known to work wonders in skincare, especially aimed towards dry skin, for its ability to nourish, replenish and restore. It helps to lock in moisture too!
Looking to make a luxurious, creamy lip balm with these lovely properties? You can use almond wax with your favourite flavour oil to create something extra special.

Another wonderful thing about almond wax is that it's a lot softer than beeswax. You can definitely get away with using a lot more, and adding all of those extra beneficial properties to your formulations, especially in body butters and balms.
When used in natural hair care this lovely wax helps to condition and soften hair while locking in essential moisture - all without causing build up!

Due to almond wax's low melting point of just 65C it works wonderfully in contained candles, increasing the burn time through first melting before burning off. Plenty more time to enjoy.

All in all, we're quite big fans of this lovely ingredient here at Gracefruit, and we hope you'll give it a try soon!



- The Gracefruit Team

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