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Product of the Week - Olive Oil!

Product of the Week - Olive Oil!

3rd February, 2017

This week's lovely featured product is one we're all very familiar with; olive oil! Whether it be for cooking, baking or cosmetics, this "liquid gold" oil can be found in cupboards and counters across the country.

One thing we think makes an ingredient extra special is versatility, and olive oil certainly ticks that box. We find it can be used for almost everything!
Containing a fair amount of vitamin E, olive oil can help protect skin from damaging external factors such as harsh winds, cold snaps and even a bit of sun - we find it can be used as a moisturiser in a pinch too, being light and nourishing.
This vitamin E offers some special skin health-boosting benefits of its own like helping to treat inflammation, wrinkles, dry patches and even some forms of acne!

Olive oil can also be used as a simple-yet-effective makeup remover too, whilst helping to smooth and moisturise the skin rather than stripping it and causing dryness. It's an excellent alternative for those of us with dry or sensitive skin.

Suffering from dry hair and split ends from the winter weather? Olive oil offers some much-needed nourishment and moisturisation to the hair follicle, making hair more manageable and soft, whilst helping to keep frizz and flyaways to a minimum too.

We certainly hope you give this abundant, versatile oil a try in future!


- The Gracefruit Team

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