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The natural choice for soap making and skincare ingredients

The following recipes do not contain palm oil or animal fats. Please ensure you run each recipe through a soap/sap calculator to determine the correct amount of caustic soda/lye. Good soap calculators can be found here and here.

Please do not attempt any of the recipes unless you have a good understanding of the soap-making process.

Basic Soap Recipe:
50% Olive
25% Coconut
15% Shea Butter
10% Avocado

Alternative Basic Soap Recipe:
50% Olive
25% Coconut
15% Cocoa Butter
10% Rapeseed (canola)

My Favourite Soap Recipe:
55% Olive oil
20% Coconut oil
25% Avocado oil

Shaving Soap Recipe:
45% Olive
25% Coconut
10% Castor
10% Hazelnut or Avocado
10% Cocoa Butter
2t white kaolin for every 500g of base oils

Luxury Facial Soap Recipe:
40% Olive
20% Coconut
20% Kokum Butter (you may substitute cocoa or shea butter)
10% Hazelnut
10% Macadamia

Avocado 'Mock' Castile Soap:
65% Avocado Oil
20% Avocado Butter
15% Coconut Oil

Shaving Soap with Rhassoul & Hazelnut:
30% Olive Oil
27% Coconut
21% Hazelnut
12% Cocoa Butter
10% Castor
For every 500g of oils, add ½ teaspoon of rhassoul.

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