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The natural choice for soap making and skincare ingredients

Here at Gracefruit we understand that a lot of people may not agree with using palm oil or animal fats in soap making for a variety of reasons, be it for personal preferences such as vegetarian or veganism or the need to be environmentally friendly. We do our best to provide the best and most up-to-date hints, tips and recipes for our customers no matter what, so the following recipes do not contain any palm oil or animal fats! You can enjoy the fun of soap making completely guilt-free!

Please ensure you run each recipe through a soap/sap calculator to determine the correct amount of caustic soda/lye. Good soap calculators can be found here and here.

Please do not attempt any of the recipes unless you have a good understanding of the soap making process.

Basic Soap Recipe

This recipe is perfect for soap makers that are just getting started! It's easy, simple and incredibly fun so why not give it a try?

  • 50% Olive
  • 25% Coconut
  • 15% Shea Butter
  • 10% Avocado

Alternative Basic Soap Recipe

For those who want to do something a little bit different but aren't quite ready to try our more complex soap recipes, this might be just the one for you!

  • 50% Olive
  • 25% Coconut
  • 15% Cocoa Butter
  • 10% Rapeseed (canola)

Our Favourite Soap Recipe

We absolutely love to make and use these soaps. Just see for yourself!

  • 55% Olive oil
  • 20% Coconut oil
  • 25% Avocado oil

Shaving Soap Recipe

With a nice, smooth glide, this shaving soap recipe is simple yet produces excellent results!

  • 45% Olive
  • 25% Coconut
  • 10% Castor
  • 10% Hazelnut or Avocado
  • 10% Cocoa Butter
  • 2t white kaolin for every 500g of base oils

Luxury Facial Soap Recipe

For a luxuriously smooth lather and nourishing facial cleansing, why not give this recipe a go?

  • 40% Olive
  • 20% Coconut
  • 20% Cocoa/Shea Butter
  • 10% Hazelnut
  • 10% Macadamia

Avocado 'Mock' Castile Soap

Easy and cost effective; our mock recipe produces soaps just as good as the real thing!

  • 65% Avocado Oil
  • 20% Avocado Butter
  • 15% Coconut Oil
  • Shaving Soap with Rhassoul & Hazelnut

    For those who like something a little extra in their shaving soap, why not try adding a couple of extra ingredients to liven it up!

    • 30% Olive Oil
    • 27% Coconut
    • 21% Hazelnut
    • 12% Cocoa Butter
    • 10% Castor
    • For every 500g of oils, add ½ teaspoon of rhassoul.
  • All of the ingredients listed above are available for purchase on our website. Happy soap making everyone!

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