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Chamomile Infusion

Chamomile Infusion

Our soothing chamomile extract is infused in pure glycol.

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Chamomile Infusion

With its very gentle and beneficial attributes, chamomile is known for being an anti-inflammatory and a relaxant. This soothing blend is great for relieving inflamed and itchy skin, including eczema. This extract works incredibly well in cosmetic formulations directed towards acne-prone skin, as well as skin that is sensitive, dry or damaged. Due to its gentle nature, chamomile infusion is an idea cosmetic ingredient for skin care that is aimed to help sensitive skin, as it is non-irritating but still helps to treat and nourish it. It may also help to relieve aching and sore muscles due to its natural relaxing abilities, making it an excellent addition to moisturisers, creams and other leave-on skin applications.

Uses for chamomile infusion include (but are not limited to):

  • Balms & Salves
  • Massage Oils
  • Skincare
  • Usage rate: 1%-30%

    INCI: Propylene glycol, Chamomilla Recutita Flower, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bezoate

    MSDS- Chamomile Infusion (Chamomile_Extract,_Glycolic_-_MSDS.pdf, 24 Kb) [Download]

    Certificate of Analysis: Chamomile Infusion Batch 25845 (Chamomile_Extract_Glycolic_LOT_25845_I00090.pdf, 52 Kb) [Download]

    Material Specification Sheet: Chamomile Infusion (Chamomile_Extract,_Glycolic_I00056.pdf, 32 Kb) [Download]

    Certificate of Analysis- Chamomile Infusion Batch 25771 (Chamomile_Extract_Glycolic_LOT_25771_I00090.pdf, 52 Kb) [Download]

    Certificate of Analysis: Chamomile Extract Batch number 53120 updated July 2014 (Chamomile_Extract_Glycolic_LOT_53120_updated_July_2014.pdf, 95 Kb) [Download]

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